Hepingli Subdistrict, Beijing

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Hepingli Subdistrict
Residential blocks in Hepingli, 2003
Residential blocks in Hepingli, 2003
Location of Hepingli Subdistrict within Dongcheng District
Location of Hepingli Subdistrict within Dongcheng District
Hepingli Subdistrict is located in Beijing
Hepingli Subdistrict
Hepingli Subdistrict
Hepingli Subdistrict is located in China
Hepingli Subdistrict
Hepingli Subdistrict
Coordinates: 39°57′14″N 116°25′20″E / 39.95389°N 116.42222°E / 39.95389; 116.42222 Coordinates: 39°57′14″N 116°25′20″E / 39.9539°N 116.4221°E / 39.9539; 116.4221
 • Total5.02 km2 (1.94 sq mi)
 • Total102,227
 • Density20,000/km2 (53,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Hepingli Subdistrict (Chinese: 和平里街道; pinyin: hépínglǐ jiēdào) is a residential neighborhood and a subdistrict of Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is situated in the northeastern part of the city between the northern 2nd Ring Road and the northern 3rd Ring Road. The neighborhood is bordered by Andingmen Waidajie to the west and Hepingli Dongjie to the east.

Hepingli has 102,227 residents in 2020,[1] and comprises 20 residential areas (社区) or zones. Most apartment buildings were built in the 1950s to 1960s. In the early 2000s, most buildings were repainted.

History and Name[edit]

Heplingli, meaning “a place of peace”, was named in 1952 during the Asia and Pacific Rim Peace Conference which was held in Beijing.[2]

Below is a table summarizing the changes in the administrative status of the land within Hepingli:[3]

Year Status
1912 Part of North Suburban District
1949 Part of Dongcheng District. Two street governments were formed: Andingmenwai Dajie Yijie and Andingmenwai Dajie Erjie
1952 The two were merged to create Andingmenwai Dajie Street Government
1953 Street Government was changed to Street Office
1955 Redrawn to two subdistricts: Anwai Zhazipo and Hepingli
1958 Merged into Hepingli Subdistrict
1960 Changed to a commune
1990 Reverted back to a subdistrict

Administrative Division[edit]

As of 2021, there are 20 communities within the subdistrict:[4]

Administrative Division Code Community Name in English Community Name in Simplified Chinese
110101010003 Minwang 民旺
110101010008 Andelu 安德路
110101010009 Erqu 二区
110101010011 Qiqu 七区
110101010013 Huagong 化工
110101010014 Andeli 安德里
110101010015 Xinghua 兴化
110101010016 Rendinghu 人定湖
110101010017 Xiaohuangzhuang 小黄庄
110101010018 Zongzheng 总政
110101010019 Anzhenyuan 安贞苑
110101010020 Ditan 地坛
110101010021 Huangsi 黄寺
110101010022 Xinjianlu 新建路
110101010023 Dongheyan 东河沿
110101010024 Xiheyan 西河沿
110101010026 Qingnianhu 青年湖
110101010027 Hepingli 和平里
110101010028 Jiaolin 交林
110101010029 Shanglong 上龙


Hepingli is served by Lines 5 and 13 of the Beijing Subway. Line 5 traverses the neighborhood from north to south with stops at Heping West Bridge and Hepingli Beijie. Line 13 stops near eastern Hepingli at Liufang.

Main city bus routes through Hepingli include 13, 18, 62, 75, 104, 108, 116, 117, 119, 124, 125, 127, 407, 430, and 特16.

The Heping West and East Bridges on the 3rd Ring Road are named after Heplingli. The Hepingli Railway Station was replaced by the Liufang Station of the Line 13. The area has an expressway link—the Jingcheng Expressway connects to Hepingli at Taiyanggong Bridge.[citation needed]


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