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Two problems: this should be located at Isaac Bonewits or Isaac Bonewits Laws of Magic (if it's a proper name) or Isaac Bonewits laws of magic (if not). I'll let you decide. Second, there is no such thing as magic, in my opinion. The article certainly shouldn't imply that there is. --LMS

Mmmm. Yes, a renaming is certainly in order. However, whilst the article presents a theory it draws no conclusions on the validity of the theory. I have so far stayed well clear of the actual reality of magical phenomena. It is a verifyable fact that large protions of the worlds population acutally believe that the supernatural (magic, parapsychology, what have you) exist. It would thus be a great omission in an encyclopedia not to mention anything about it. Lets treat it like we would any subject of faith: I certainly would not want to offend christians by blantantly stating that there is no god on the page of christianity, so lets extend the same courtesy to the multitudes believing in that which is neither religion, nor science. IMHO --Anders Törlind

I agree with Anders Törlin. We can write an article about what people believe about magic without endorsing or condemning it, in much the same way we write about, say, creationism (which needs some work, BTW... maybe I'll get to it later). -- Stephen Gilbert

The debate continued on the renamed page (and is largely resolved for the purposes of this article - from my point of view, can't speak for anyone else). See Isaac Bonewits laws of magic and the related talk page --Robert Merkel