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Am a twenty-something CompSci graduate from New York University with a minor in Journalism. Add to those four years in Greenwich Village, and another four in New York City's IT Consulting sector (working for one of the Few That Didn't Fold).

Add also, a stubborn insistence to realize a long-held dream to live and work in Italy (thanks to a senior-year Study Abroad program at La Pietra in Florence), the courage (or stupidity) to give up a rent-stabilized West Village apartment, four months of The Italian Unemployment Experience, another seven of The Italian Workpermit Experience (thankfully, all is resolved) and many meanwhile-years of not paying enough attention to my writing, and -- you have me sitting at this laptop on a dial-up connection, in an apartment on a hilltop in Southern Tuscany, finally.

I came to Wikipedia, like most people, entirely by accident, and also like most people, not realizing immediately what was going on. I think this is what the Internet should be about, before and after and more importantly than anything else. Thank goodness so many other people seem to think so, as well.

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