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Municipality and town
Guazacapán is located in Guatemala
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°04′N 90°25′W / 14.067°N 90.417°W / 14.067; -90.417
CountryFlag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
DepartmentFlag of Santa Rosa Department.GIF Santa Rosa
 • Municipality and town50 sq mi (130 km2)
 (2018 census)[1]
 • Municipality and town18,855
 • Density380/sq mi (150/km2)
 • Urban

Guazacapán (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwasakaˈpan]) is a town located in Santa Rosa Department in south-west Guatemala. Guazacapán is also the name of the municipality in Santa Rosa Department around the town of Guazacapán. The municipality of Guazacapán covers an area of 130 km² with a population of 18,855 as of 2018.


The town dates back to pre-Columbian times, being in existence prior to the coming of the Spanish Conquistadores in the 16th century.

Guazacapán is known for the supposed witchcraft that used to be widely practiced by the indigenous people. The last of the great wizards, Pedro Dávila, died in 1974, and the craft is quickly being forgotten. There are still a few people who practice "white magic" in Guazacapán.

Once the Guazacapán area was inhabited by Xinca, one of Guatemala's indigenous groups. They settled there after the Pipil. Currently, there are efforts being made to teach the ancient Xinca language to the newer generations. There is in the town a rich history, and the people who live there keep that history alive through celebrations that incorporate traditional costume, marimba music and folkloric dance.

Coordinates: 14°04′N 90°25′W / 14.067°N 90.417°W / 14.067; -90.417


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